Common Home Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Owning a home is something to celebrate! You worked hard to afford it, had patience throughout the buying process and now you have a place to make your own. However, owning a home also means that emergencies may happen, and you should know how to handle them when they arise.


Here are a few common home emergencies and tips to handle them:

Burst Pipe- Water can cause a lot of damage if not addressed right away. When a pipe bursts, and the water is gushing, close the closest valve to the link first and then shut off the main water valve. Now, slowly reopen the first valve and drain remaining water into buckets.


Power Outage- Before a power outage surprises you, make sure you’re prepared by keeping a stock of batteries and flashlights. This will save you time scrambling around the house in the dark. If you experience a power outage, unplug all appliances and electronics to protect them from a possible surge when the power comes back on.


Gas Leaks- First, make sure that you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. If the detector sounds or your smell a gas odor, evacuate your home immediately and then call your gas provider to send out a technician to check the home.


Locked Out- Getting locked out of your home is never something that is convenient. To alleviate some of the headache, leave your key with a trusted friend or neighbor. Hiding your key under the door mat or in a garden stone, poses a security threat and isn’t recommended.


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