Fall Home Maintenance

The cooler weather means it’s time to start cleaning up and preparing your home for the upcoming winter weather ahead. Below are some home maintenance tasks you should complete in the fall.



• Gutters and Downspouts- Removing debris from your gutters and downspouts is a very important fall task. This allows you to inspect for damage and help prevent the build of ice in your gutters during the winter.

• Windows and Doors- Check your screens and doors for any damage and make the appropriate repairs. Install weather stripping or caulk around windows and doors to prevent drafts to help lower your heating bills.

• Yardwork- Fall is the time to fertilize and reseed your lawn. Your lawn’s roots are growing deeper to prepare for winter. You should also prune your trees and shrubs after the leaves turn. This will help encourage healthy growth. Trim any tree limbs (or call a professional) that are hanging over powerlines or your home. The weight of snow and ice could bring them down and cause damage.

• Hoses- Remove your hose from outdoor faucets. Any water in the faucets could freeze and crack the faucet or pipes.



• Plumbing- Check that your pipes are well insulated to help prevent them from freezing or bursting. Also, locate your water shut-off valve so you know where it is in the case that your pipes to freeze.

• Heating Systems- replace your furnace filter and have a professional check your heating system for any minor problems to prevent them from becoming major problems.

• Fireplace- Call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney. Fireplace and chimneys that are used regularly should have an annual cleaning to prevent chimney fires.


For more fall maintenance tips visit: https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/fall-checklist/

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