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Fall In Love With Your Home

Fall In Love With Your Home

Fall in Love with Your Home

fall in love with your home blog.jpgDoes anyone else develop crushes on homes? As you stroll through the established neighborhood with its stately homes and towering trees, do you day dream about living in one of these with its squeaky staircase and wooden floors? For me, the charm of an older home and the character it possesses can make my head spin into a fantasy that is miles away from reality. I picture myself lounging in front of the big bay windows, taking in the sun and sipping lemonade. But the reality of the situation is I would likely have the curtains drawn, trying to keep the heat out helping the AC do its best to keep up in a drafty old home. 

If you find yourself doing this too then join me in falling back in love with the house you currently live in. The author of The Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels, in talking about this very thing says, “if I’ve learned anything at all about life thus far, it is that romance is often something we need to create. It can be right in front of us, if we only would nurture it and see it as worthy of falling in love with. It’s worth the effort to try!” So instead of picturing yourself in a different home lets fan the flames a bit and flirt with the idea of loving your existing home. Just because you don’t see the love quite yet, does not mean that the spark isn’t there.

To fan that flame, Melissa suggests doing one loving thing for your home every day for 40 days; organize your cupboard, add curtains, or simply just jot down one existing thing you love. To find out more about falling in love with your existing house, please visit the sourced article below. But if you find yourself looking for greener grass and not wanting to insight the giddy feelings of infatuation in your current home, check us out! By submitting a quick online application, here, you can quickly find out how much you prequalify for to find the home of your dreams.


Source: https://theinspiredroom.net/2013/02/14/fall-in-love-with-your-home/

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