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There is no denying we are in a seller’s market and home buyers are finding themselves rushing to a get in an offer – one that out bids multiple offers. Buyers, you are not without help. We have put together a guide with effective strategies that will help you successfully navigate this competitive real estate […]

Buying a home involves so much more than just being aware of the mortgage rate, down payment, closing fees, and so on. Another important financial aspect after settling down is setting aside money for home maintenance. Let us explore more on the necessary home maintenance processes to estimate the budget you need each year. Indoor […]

Selling Guide - couple talking at window seat

For many home owners, the thought of selling their home is met with a host of emotions, questions and misunderstandings. Selling your home can be a stressful process, but at Stockton Mortgage, we want to help!

Conquering Credit Guide - Family at table studying.

Credit is an essential part of the economy. Without credit, lenders would have no scale by which to create lending standards and determine who should receive c redit and who should not. You need good credit to buy a car, a home and sometimes even to qualify for employment.

Guide to Refinancing

Refinancing your home can be a big step, so you want to be prepared. We created this guide to give you a little insight into the refinancing process and answer some of the questions you may have about your refinance.

First Time Homebuyer Guide

Congratulations on deciding to become a homeowner! Buying a home is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest decisions – and purchases – you will ever make. As a first time home buyer, you want to feel like you know what you are doing before you begin the process.