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Never feel lost in your journey. Know your way around home buying, selling, and everything in between with help from our guides.

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How to Win a Bidding War

There is no denying we are in a seller’s market and home buyers are finding themselves rushing to a get in an offer – one that out bids multiple offers.


Home Maintenance Checklist

Buying a home involves so much more than just being aware of the mortgage rate, down payment, closing fees, and so on.

Selling Guide - couple talking at window seat


For many home owners, the thought of selling their home is met with a host of emotions, questions and misunderstandings.

Conquering Credit Guide - Family at table studying.

Conquering Credit

Credit is an essential part of the economy. Without credit, lenders would have no scale by which to create lending standards and determine who should receive c redit and who should not.

Guide to Refinancing


Refinancing your home can be a big step, so you want to be prepared.

First Time Homebuyer Guide

First Time Homebuyers Guide

As a first time home buyer, you want to feel like you know what you are doing before you begin the process.

Loan Products Profile

Loan Products Profile

#1 KY RHS Lender, #1 MCC Tax Credit Lender, #3 KHC Delegated Lender by Volume, 2nd Largest Independent Mortgage Banker in KY, Fannie Mae Direct Lender Seller/Servicer | Ginnie Mae Issuer, FHA Approved DE Lender VA Automatic/LAPP

Guide to Moving

Moving Guide

The most important rule of moving is to get organized! Without great organization – you are doomed.

Let us guide you home.