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Home Maintenance Checklist

Draining A Domestic Radiator With A Hose

Home Maintenance Checklist

Buying a home involves so much more than just being aware of the mortgage rate, down payment, closing fees, and so on. Another important financial aspect after settling down is setting aside money for home maintenance. Let us explore more on the necessary home maintenance processes to estimate the budget you need each year.

Indoor Home Maintenance

Check the coils of your refrigerator for any dust or debris. Vacuum both the coils at the back and bottom to ensure no buildup is left. Do this once or twice a year.

Once your dishwasher has been emptied, cleanse it with a cup of white vinegar. Pour the solution onto the top rack and run a cycle.

Ice cubes work great at unclogging the garbage disposal. Throw several cubes in along with lemon peels and baking soda to get rid of remnants and odors.

Replace the caulk around bathtubs and showers if necessary.

Remove sink aerators and shower heads to soak in vinegar. This can help eliminate any hard water deposits. Do this every couple of months.

Check for any leaks in the basement after winter.

Check and replace furnace filters if dirty.

Wipe the interior of trash cans and any recycling bins.

If you own any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries every six months.

Drain and flush out the hot water heater.

If you have a central air and heat system, schedule an annual servicing appointment. Have the ductwork checked and cleaned as needed.

Check under sinks for any leakage and on the ceilings too. Any visible signs mean the plumbing system needs a good once-over.

If you hardly use the chimney, it still needs regular maintenance. This can help the air inside your home be free of any toxic gases. 

Outdoor Home Maintenance

Check your roof for excess snow and use a rake to clear it out completely to prevent ice dams from building up. 

Check the rain gutters too and knock off any icicles.

Snow may also build up on the outdoor dryer vent as well as other exhausts. Check these places and clear any snow.

Fill up any bird feeders that you may have.

Clear snow and icicles from the roof as well as from window wells and outdoor exhausts.

Clean sump pump in preparation for spring.

Inspect the roof for any leaks or damaged shingles and schedule repairs if needed.

Schedule for the maintenance of sprinklers.

Tune up the lawnmower and sharpen its blades.

Sweep any grime, debris, and leaves on the deck and check for loose nails and cracked wood. Scrub and spray down the area as required. 

If you have a pool, open it up for summer. Treat the water and change filters and valves accordingly.

The exterior of your home may need a new coat of paint to protect it against shingles and water damage.

Give the whole house a good wash once a year. Remove the storm windows and rinse them inside and out. Any grit that gets stuck on the fa├žade may damage masonry and paint so power wash everything away.

When carrying out individual maintenance activity, you may notice several other processes that you need to fulfill. Note them down and consider them during budgeting. Having clear expectations of what your home needs can let you set aside sufficient money for regular maintenance.

Let us guide you home.