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Clean Out The Dryer

Clean Out The Dryer

Clean Out the Dryer

Clean out the dryer blog.jpgLast week we discussed how to clean your front-loading washing machine to make sure our clothes are as fresh as possible! I couldn’t help but feel that our task was half done; after all, the other half to the washer is the dryer. While cleaning out the dryer won’t help make your clothes any fresher it will assist in keeping it in tip-top shape, running efficiently and more importantly, won’t cause your home to burn down… it’s a win win! And to do this only takes a few minutes!

Our friends at Popsugar help us with easy step by step instructions! You want to start by wiping down the machine; remove all the items that have piled up (if you don’t have items collecting then give yourself a gold star, you world class clutter manager) to clean off the top as well! Then of course, throw out any lint in the lint trap. Using a dry cloth, wipe off the lint trap and around the vent then pull out the vacuum and using the hose attachment suck out any lingering lint in vent and lint trap. Give your link trap a quickly cleaning with soapy water, wipe it clean and put it back in. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe out the drum and around the lint trap to remove any buildup.

Personally, I would stop right here but the folks at Popsugar give us one more step in their tutorial, linked here, that involves removing the top of the driver to vacuum inside the “dryer box” (that is obviously not a technical term). To really get that puppy humming, you should give this last step a try and let us know how it turns out in the comments below!

If you missed our post about how to clean out your washing machine, I’ve linked it here: <insert link to post>


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