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How To Keep Your Home From Selling

How To Keep Your Home From Selling

How to Keep Your Home from Selling

keep your home from selling blog.jpgWhen it comes to selling your house, one of the keys to making it happen is hiring the right listing agent. The agent that will work hard for you, keep you in the loop and advise you in the correct steps to take. But did you know that you can be working against your agent? Here are some things that, according to an article on Realtor.com, you could be doing that would keep your home from selling.

  1. Keeping Clutter Around: Clutter can lead to a home feeling cramped and will give the potential buyers a bad first impression. The article suggests, go ahead and start packing up some of your personal belongings since you will likely be moving soon anyway.
  2. Hiding Things from Your Listing Agent: Don’t forget, your listing agent is on your side so the idea of keeping things from them because it might hurt your sale, doesn’t make any sense. They will be able to advise you on what needs to be fixed and what can slide because if you don’t it may end up rearing its head later as a nasty surprise.
  3. Not Making Small Repairs: Often as homeowners, we become used to certain things about our home, such as, green algae on the vinyl siding or scratches on the trim, but for potential buyers this could appear to be negligence and lead them to think there are bigger issues that they don’t see. So spend a few bucks and paint the walls or at least clean the scuff marks off of them, fix the spot on the door where the dog has scratched to go out for 8 years, and tighten the cabinet pulls in your kitchen.
  4. Overpricing Your Home: While it may make sense to increase the listing price of your home so you can negotiate down it can work against you. A quote from Realtor.com reads, “’If you overprice your home, buyers may not catch that, but buyer’s agents will,’ points out Doc Reiss, managing broker at Town & Country Real Estate in Port Angeles, WA. ‘When a home is overpriced, buyer’s agents will either avoid bringing their buyers or, worse yet, they use it as an example to sell another property: See how much nicer this one is for the price than the last one we saw?’”
  5. Not Cleaning Your House Before Showings: It is important for your home to feel clean when a potential buyer walks in. Greasy stoves, dust on floors and furniture, and dirty bathroom fixtures like toilets and sinks are noticed most during a showing, according to the article.

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