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Can our 203k Loans be available for an Easy DIY Patio?

Can our 203k Loans be available for an Easy DIY Patio?

Simple to Stunning: Easy DIY Patio

I’m absolutely in love with this week’s Simple to Stunning entry! A family in Texas extended their living area by adding a pea gravel patio extension to their concrete patio. They framed this patio extension with “Texas Lamp Posts”. These Texas lamp posts are wooden posts, anchored with concrete in a large planter. They then attached planter holders to the tops so they could hang more plants and lights. To top it all off, they added a fire pit surrounded by concrete pavers, giving it a finished look. To check out their step by step photos and tips, check out their site here but I’ve also included a before and after photo. 

 Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.08.49 PM
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