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Herb Your Enthusiasm

Herb Your Enthusiasm

Herb Your Enthusiasm 

Is anything greener than actually growing plants? They are green in color and green, environmentally speaking. Add a little green in your life with an indoor herb garden! If you have sufficient light in your kitchen you can make your space smell amazing, save money on groceries and reduce the distance for your farm to table by about 20 feet.

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The most challenging part about an indoor herb garden is the space requirement and having containers of herbs on the counter does not maximize the countertop real estate. But a vertical herb garden would be a perfect solution to growing herbs without needing a ton of extra space. Companies like IKEA have created goods that maximize space, including wall space. For example, the FINTORP system created by IKEA, creates a beautiful and secure herb garden; the utensil holders can be used to house various small pots. Below is a picture of the IKEA set up for an herb garden from IKEA’s Pinterest page.

Another option is a little more DIY, instead of purchasing a whole system, use wooden curtain rods and small hanging pots in front of a window to maximize the sunlight exposure and minimize the space usage.

If you aren’t sure about taking up the wall space but have a little extra space in a corner, you may be able to use a bar or kitchen cart to house your herbs. The nice thing about this set up is that you can wheel the cart around as needed—letting it sit in front of the window for sunlight exposure but then moving it close to the counter to trim your herbs or water the pots!

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