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The Ups and Downs of a Two Story

The Ups and Downs of a Two Story

The Ups and Downs of a Two Story

ups and downs of twostory blog If you are buying or building a home, determining what type of home you are looking for is likely at the top of the list. Will it be a one story or a two story? Which one is better? Well there are a lot of ups and downs to selecting a two story… get it; ups and downs? With the help of the writers at Realtor.com, we will compare the pros and cons of a two-story home so you can decide what best benefits you and your family!

A home with multiple stories elicits a feeling of excellence more so than a ranch style home. Like the article on realtor.com brings out, could you imagine the white house being a sprawling ranch? Or a palace being a one story? Certainly not. But a two story has other benefits such as additional privacy. This separation of space allows you to “get away” from others in the house. For example, you can send the kids upstairs to watch a movie or retreat to your master bedroom if your in-laws are staying on the main level.  There is also a lower risk of home theft with a two story simply due to the limited access to entries and exits. A thief isn’t likely to climb a garden trellis to climb in the window you left open upstairs. Additionally, a two-story home allows for more design options when it comes to expanding and better views, especially if you live in a pretty area.

While these things sound great, there are some down sides to a multiple story home. Due to all the literal ups and downs on the stairs, there is a greater risk for accidents—children, older folks, and people with mobility issues are especially susceptible to tumbles. You also are likely looking at higher heating and cooling bills. According to the article on Realtor.com, “Heat rises; cold air drops. As a result, your upstairs will run hot, your downstairs cold, and you’ll have to adjust your heating and AC accordingly. In fact, some experts say that a two-story home may have double the heating and cooling costs of a single-story home of the same square footage.”

Certainly, there are a lot of options to consider when picking out the best layout for your family home! To find out some pros and cons about a single-story home please visit the sourced article, linked below. When considering buying a home, many are also considering a home mortgage. To find out the financing which is the best fit for you, give the mortgage bankers at Stockton Mortgage a call. Find the one closest to you by visiting our website; www.smcapproved.com

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