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Mortgage Monsters Aren’t Real

Mortgage Monsters Aren’t Real

Mortgage Monster blog-01Getting a mortgage can be intimidating and trying to wrap your head around all the numbers, financial terms, and paperwork can be enough to make your brain feel mushy—heck, the word mortgage is hard to spell. It should be spelled, “morgedge”, who is with me?! Don’t worry, Mr. Merriam Webster, I’ll save that fight to fight another day. My goal is to put any fears associated with getting a mortgage, to rest.

You see, if you have a good mortgage banker to work with, this whole process is way less scary. The mortgage banker’s job and primary concern is to guide you to the best loan option for your circumstances then to walk alongside you during the loan approval process. Knowing this should lessen the anxiety of getting through the mortgage process because you will have an expert to guide you and answer any questions that come up. But then that leads to, how do you find a good mortgage banker?

For many people considering a mortgage will get referrals from their friends and family. However, it is important to keep in mind, just because a lender was a good fit for someone doesn’t mean they are the best option for you. To get the best feel for possible lenders; start by finding out what programs they offer that fit your needs then meet with them to ensure you feel comfortable. After all, this person, along with your realtor, is going to be guiding you on your journey to your new home! So, when meeting with your mortgage banker be sure to ask questions to understand fully the commitment in which you are entering and to get a better feel of how he or she conducts themselves. By doing this you will not only feel better prepared, but you will feel more comfortable and confident throughout the process. If you would like to start this process or simply just have some questions you would like answered visit our page designed to help any first time home buyer!


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