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Selling a Home with a Pet

Selling a Home with a Pet

Selling a home with a pet blog-01Almost everyone loves pets! We love to watch movies about pets, we love to post pictures of our pets to social media, and we love to talk about the funny things they do. So, why wouldn’t a homebuyer also like our pets? It’s a hard concept to grasp but sometimes, even home buyers who have pets are averse to buying a home that other pets have lived in. They could be allowing their imagination to run wild— perhaps envisioning your pets, clawing, jumping, and vomiting. If this is the case, doing your best to reduce the evidence of a pet may help you sell your home faster.

One of the best ways to make it look like your pet doesn’t live there, is to relocate him or her while your home is on the market, especially during a showing. Moving your pet to the garage or backyard isn’t sufficient for removing them from the minds of your potential home buyer. If possible, let a friend or family member keep him or her, take them to work with you, or board them at a kennel. Not only could this help sell your home faster, but your pet will also likely appreciate not being around as strangers are paraded through their home without you there.

It may not be enough to relocate your pet while your home is on the market. You will also want to reduce items that the home buyer could find objectionable; things like, Potty Pads and litter boxes. Keep these out of sight and impeccably clean. Nothing turns a buyer off like unpleasant smells. In fact, it may be wise to invite a neighbor in to do a sniff test, see if they smell any odors that could be displeasing. Also, if there are any floor or carpet stains, hire professionals to remove the stains preventing the buyer from forming unfavorable opinions of the home.

It may be a requirement by law to disclose that pets have lived in your home, but you don’t need to provide constant reminders. In addition to the suggestions already provided, be sure to vacuum as needed (sometimes multiple times a day), store away toys and food bowls, remove photos of your pets and pack up their cages/carriers.

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