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Home Improvements to Make Your Pet Happy

Home Improvements to Make Your Pet Happy

Home improvements to make your pets happy blog-01It’s only natural to want to make everyone under your roof as comfortable as possible; this doesn’t apply only to those family members with two legs. You know that your love for your pets is genuine when you start considering renovations specifically for them! The best part is, you aren’t alone! The latest generation of homebuyers is said to be buying homes with pets in mind instead of children, as we’d seen from past generations; so, your pet approved improvements should be appealing when it comes time to sell. As a society, we have gone way past the swinging pet door, check out some of the latest home improvements for your pet!

Try adding a pet bed under your staircase. Often this space remains unused so why not give Fido or Sassy their own nook? You can paint the area to provide a fun pop of color and add a large pet bed to make sure your furry friend is comfy! Not only will your pet be pleased with this addition, but it makes for a great conversation piece. Another pet friendly improvement and one that will save you some of your sanity is tucking food and water bowls away into a built-in feeding area. By building these bowls into furniture or other fixtures, you will minimize the number of spills that occur from people and pets bumping into them.

One improvement that is at the top of the list of every large breed dog owner (and likely those with smaller dogs) is a doggy shower. I know that I’ve personally dreamed of installing one of these showers, typically as I’m scooping out the clumps of dog hair in our shower, after Rocky got his bath. If you do decide to add one of these to your house, be sure to include a shower nozzle with a long hose attachment for easy rinsing. If you are considering adding these updates to your home, check out our renovation mortgage options that rolls the costs of the renovations into the mortgage. However, if you are searching for a home that is pet friendly, we’d love to help you understand how to finance this pet palace—check out our page dedicated to helping a first time home buyer!


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