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Have You Checked Out Findyourhome.com?

Have You Checked Out Findyourhome.com?

thumbnail_Findyourhome.com blog-01Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia. These are all sites that allow you to enter search criteria and look through home listings in your area. You may find yourself asking, “with so many out there why would we consider adding another?” I could see why you might question the need for this but what if I told you, this site pays you for using it?

You see a lot of these home search sites work with realtor and lender partners, referring business to them as people search for their home. The same is true for Findyourhome.com except, the homebuyer also benefits, and not just from finding a great home that meets their needs; they will receive cashback if their showing is scheduled through the website. The amount of cash is based on the sales price of the home and turns out to be a pretty good chunk of change; for example, a home currently listed for $155,000 would pay out $775. This got me thinking, when you buy a house your first month’s mortgage is covered at the closing and if you got this cash back you could put it towards your second mortgage payment, reducing the financial impact felt from moving expenses. Of course, this cashback is to be used as you see fit- maybe updating the landscape, having your walls painted, buying a new sectional, or putting it into savings for a rainy day!

There is no cost to you, as the homebuyer, to use this site. Also, any real estate agent you will be matched with has been hand-selected for their experience, professionalism and customer satisfaction ratings, so that you know you’re getting the best possible service and support! Please stop by the site to check it out and if you have questions, visit us online at www.smcapproved.com and find your closest mortgage banker!


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