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How to Create Your Own Holiday Card

How to Create Your Own Holiday Card


christmas card blog graphicIt’s that time of year again and I want to help you save a little bit of money. Every year I stage and photograph my own Holiday card and I want to pass my DIY skills onto you. Don’t be intimidated, all you need is some holiday décor, a camera (your smartphone camera will work), and your loved ones.

Set Up

One thing I use for my Holiday card photo every year is my tree. It makes the perfect holiday backdrop and the decorations on your tree are a great reflection of your personal style and family traditions. Other great props are stockings on a mantle, a menorah, a wooden kinara or any other decoration that would look great in the background of a photo. Some other fun things I like to add are a festive rug to lay in front of the tree or fireplace, a few whimsical figurines and any type of holiday signs to display. Don’t be afraid to take your décor outside as well. This year my little family took our Holiday décor into the woods. We even put string lights around a tiny tree.


What you and your family wear is definitely a personal choice. Some of you may be into matching outfits while others may prefer a more low key look. You can dress it up or dress it down. Some families even choose to wear matching pajamas. Whatever you choose to wear, I recommend at least wearing the classic colors of the holidays.

Ask for a Friend

In my experience, it’s always been great to have a friend there to take the photos for you. It’s way less stressful and they can provide feedback about what’s going on inside the photo frame. As someone with four dogs, I really appreciate having an extra hand for help and someone there to command my dog’s to look at the camera (this trick can also work on young children ). I like to barter with my friend and take their Holiday photo for them after they’ve helped me out. Trust me, a human is way better than a tripod.

Printing your card

After you captured the perfect holiday photo, it’s time to print them out! These days your best and most cost-efficient option is to print your cards at a local pharmacy or department store. They have so many great templates to choose from that will make you look like a graphic design pro! You can also order from sites online although you’ll have to pay shipping costs and wait for them to arrive so make sure you plan ahead.

Best of luck in your mini photoshoot! Come back and leave us your finished product in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you guys came up with! My family had our photoshoot last weekend. Check out my little family below!

Savanna And Cameron010

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