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Money-Saving Gifts That People Actually Want

Money-Saving Gifts That People Actually Want

Money Saving Gift blog coverI can’t believe the holiday season is already here! I feel like this year has flown by. As my family continues to grow and kids get older (and more expensive ) I find myself stressing out about how I’m going to pay for the all gifts I want to give. I decided to take control of my stress (and my spending) a few years ago by making a list of everyone I had to buy for and creating a budget for each person. For example, I would set a ten-dollar limit for adults and a five-dollar limit for kids. “Savanna, that’s a crazy small budget! How do you do it?” Don’t worry friend, I’m going to share all of my secrets. The key is to make it personal, even if it’s for someone you barely know. Whether you’re buying for your loved ones or just want to make your co-workers day a little sweeter, there is a perfect gift for everyone. I’m that girl that loves to give gifts and that includes gifting my acquaintances. In those instances, I think about inexpensive gifts that can make that person’s life easier. Typically those are things they wouldn’t buy for their self. One year I bought my cousin a new purse. Sounds simple but to a single mom who puts her children first and NEVER buys anything for herself outside of the necessities, it was a grand gesture. Not to mention that I found it online for TEN DOLLARS! Still questioning my methods? This particular cross-body bag had great reviews and two years later the purse still looks fantastic! Read on folks, I’m going to give you some great gift-giving ideas that fit every budget.

For the kitchen

This one gives you the opportunity to get a little creative. One gift that I personally love consists of kitchen utensils, a potholder, and any other kitchen items you would like to add. I start by picking out a potholder or oven mitt that matches the theme or colors of the person’s kitchen. If I’ve never been to their house, I try to find one in their favorite color or a nice neutral that will go with anything. Next, I’ll pick out some utensils. You can go simple and buy a spatula, cooking spoon, and pasta spoon or you can get a bit more technical and buy a pizza cutter or a nice ice cream scoop. I try to tailor the gift to the individuals’ situation. Are they a bachelor? Are they newly married? Ask yourself those questions while you’re shopping. Someone single may need the essentials while a married couple had no idea they needed a quality pizza cutter in their lives. Now that you’ve picked out your gift, it’s time to decorate it! Think ribbons and holiday-themed plastic wrap! Place all of the utensils inside your oven mitt or in the center of your potholder and dress it up! Tie a fun ribbon around the utensils to hold them in place and put your holiday gift bag around it to make it even fancier. BOOM! You’re done and you spent less than ten dollars.

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.11.11 AMPhoto: iowagirleats.com

For the bathroom

Want to bring the spa home to your buddies? I’ve got just the thing for you. For this one, you’ll need a mason jar or basket, ribbon and a lot of self-care essentials. You can find a mason jar or basket at any dollar store as well as all of the other supplies. This gift is perfect for the on-the-go individual who just needs a minute to unwind. Once you get your mason jar or basket you can fill it in a couple of different ways. One fun thing you can do is fill it with nail supplies. Think nail polish, nail file, clipper, etc. Another fun thing you can do is fill it with different face masks and throw in a couple of hair bands or scrunchies to keep their hair out of the way while cleansing their skin. You could even make a “cold rescue kit” filled with eucalyptus shower steamers, essential oils and nasal strips. The possibilities are endless!

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.14.03 AMPhoto: thegunnysack.com

These are just two easy examples of how to create the perfect gift for that special someone or that acquaintance that you just want to do something nice for. You can take these concepts and easily modify them to fit your needs. A “movie night” basket for the kids, a shaving kit for dad, or the cookie baking essentials for your child’s teacher. This is your chance to be creative and totally win this holiday season. Let me know what you guys come up with below.

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