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How to make Quick Cash for the Holidays

How to make Quick Cash for the Holidays

Need a way to make some quick cash this holiday season without having to sell an arm and a leg? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’m going to reveal all of my side hustle, money-making methods in hopes that you can get to work and bring home some extra dough.

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Sell your clothes

This one is super easy and honestly a win-win. Not only will you be making cash but you will be decluttering your space! Simply pull out
all of your clothes for the current season and set aside things that you’re okay with letting go of. I suggest advertising on social media because other apps and websites like to take some of your profit and let’s be honest, that pretty much defeats the purpose of what we’re trying to do here. ‍♀️


PRO TIP: If you’re having a hard time detaching from some of your favorite clothes, think about the last time you wore the item. Six months? A year? Two years? Whoever has been worn the least deserves the boot.



Offer a Service

We all have talents and we are all good at something, right? Let’s turn your passion into a paycheck! I actually started a graphic design side business a few years ago to make some extra cash. Since then I’ve networked and gained several clients and they always come knocking during the holidays. Graphic Design is something I enjoy and taught myself to do by watching tutorials and making samples in the design programs. What are your hobbies? Can you craft? Did you take welding or carpentry in high school? My husband has a side business as a certified pool operator. He helps his clients properly open, close and maintains their pools. The key is to just START. You can figure out the rest along the way. 


Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is truly one of my favorite side hustles because I LOVE animals! If you do too, I would seriously consider this one. You can start out by offering this service to your friends and family while they travel for the holidays. You can also advertise on social media where you’ve already built trust with a lot of your followers. Even as a renter I offered pet sitting. When I was in a much smaller space, I tried to stick to small dogs and cats to pet sit. Now that I have a large, fenced-in yard, I’m able to offer pet sitting to larger pets!



The possibilities are truly endless when trying to make extra money. With all the technology and resources out there it’s virtually impossible if you just try. Got some foolproof money making ideas? List them in the comments below!


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