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Wish List: Backyard

Wish List: Backyard


thumbnail_wish list backyardHello there Welcome back to the House to Home blog! This is our third installment for a Wish List series and today’s subject is a big one for me. If you’re new to the blog, let me just fill you in: I have four dogs. Obviously, a backyard is a priority for me but not every backyard is the same. It has to check all of my boxes before I commit. My husband and I just bought our first home last year and our backyard is one of our favorite things about our house. Read on to find out why.

A Fence

First things first, we need a fence for our pups! We weren’t super picky on the fence just as long as it was closed in all the way and the dogs couldn’t squeeze through any holes or cracks. My dogs are very well behaved and would probably stay in a yard without a fence but I wanted the freedom to not have to supervise them. I cannot tell you how nice it is to just open a door and let them out instead of walking them every time. Don’t judge me for this next part but I also love not picking up after them multiple times a day. Renters know what I’m talking about! Not only would I have to get up and walk them outside but also I’d have to bring my bags with me to pick up the poo. Now I have the luxury of a pooper scooper and picking it up on my own terms. I will say that I wish we had a privacy fence instead of a chainlink fence. We only have one neighbor but it is a rental property so families frequently move in and out.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about moving in next to a rental property, check your local PVA. You can search “____ County PVA” or “____ tax roll” and find this information by filling in the blanks with your county or city. Keywords for rentals might have “LLC” or “properties” in the ownership name.


One thing that was very important to me and my husband was a big lot. Our thought process was if we’re going to make such a big purchase, let’s focus on the things we really want that can fit into your budget. This can vary from city to city. It’s much easier to find land in the suburbs than in the city. When we lived in an apartment in the city, we made sure that we lived within walking distance of a dog park so our furbabies were still able to get their exercise. One thing to think about when house shopping is a rural home loan. We opted for this specific loan because the location has to be considered rural (hello, bigger lot sizes) and you don’t have to put any money down. We will talk more about this in one of our January blog posts.

Shed/Detached Garage

We were lucky enough to have a storage shed in our backyard. Not only did we save easily $3,000 (outdoor storage sheds are super expensive) but we now have a place to store our lawnmower, kayaks and even our spare dryer! Not having a garage, this shed was a must. We definitely would’ve invested in one since we have no other enclosed storage options for our outdoor items. Our shed was a little run down and needed repairs as well. My dad had some scrap metal and offered to repair the barn siding. Now it’s good as new! It’s also nice to find a property with a detached garage. There are plenty of houses in my (rural) neighborhood that have detached garages. Another perk of being outside the city limits!

Got any other back yard wishlist ideas? Please bless us with your knowledge with a comment below.

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