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Pro Tips When Moving

Pro Tips When Moving

Pro Tips When Moving

Pro_tips_when_moving_blog_graphic_v1-01If you search for moving hacks on the internet you will find a lot of different suggestions; but don’t believe everything you read, some of those hacks don’t end up working out that great.  However, having moved a few times, myself and having helped many friends move, I’ve gathered a few tips and tricks along the way! I’ve even tried a few of those hacks, check out my favorite “pro tips” when moving below.

Get Moving Boxes for Free

If you don’t want to splurge on moving boxes, often you can get free boxes from your local grocer. Just give them a call and see if you can take some of their empty boxes off their hands- they will likely give you a day and time that they are done stocking shelves.

Use your towels in place of newspaper/ bubble wrap to protect your fragile items; after all, you’ll be moving the towels one way or another. 

Pack books or other heavy items in rolling suitcases. Don’t get crazy here! The first time I did this I crammed all the books we owned into a large rolling suitcase which was great to roll but I still had to get it up the stairs and could not. 

Pack your spices up by placing them in your crockpot and locking the lid. This not only made it easier to move but when it came to unpacking and organizing, I was so pleased they were all together!

Transfer your hanging clothes inside a trash bag—bundle the hangers and clothes, slip the hanging clothes inside the trash bag while holding onto the hangers then tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks. Tie and secure with the hooks sticking out the top of the bag.

Leave items in your dresser drawers then on moving day take the drawers out of your dressers and move them like you would boxes. Not only does this make the dresser less heavy but it is also safer to move since the drawers won’t be sliding out while its being moved.

Crucial Common-Sense Tips

These might seem silly to include in this list but trust me, these two things could ruin a moving day!

Preemptively strike hunger, be sure to eat a good breakfast because it may be awhile before you will be able to stop to eat once moving starts! You will be happier with a full belly and those around you will appreciate it too.

Put the key to your new place in an easily accessible place, that you will remember. Also, whether your friends are helping you or you have hired professionals, make sure you are at the new place to unlock the door for the movers.

Moving day can be stressful despite all the planning and preparation but it certainly can ease some of that inevitable stress. We have created a super useful moving guide just for movers like yourself, so you don’t have to take on additional stress when moving into your new home. Download a free copy of our moving guide by clicking here!


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