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6 Reasons to Buy in the Winter

6 Reasons to Buy in the Winter

6 Reasons to Buy in the Winter

Winter may seem like an odd time to buy a house—real estate season is spring and summer, after all! People are more inclined to want to get out and shop when the weather is pleasant, houses show better when their grass is green, and their landscaping is in full bloom. But is there anything wrong with buying a house in the winter? No, in fact there are some advantages to buying a house in the winter and I am here to share six of them with you!

1. Less Competition

Winter_Time_1_(1)It’s true that there are fewer houses on the market, after all real estate wisdom says to list your house in warmer months, but people do move in the winter. So, while there may not be as many houses to choose from, there will be fewer people shopping which means you can take your time shopping for the right space and there will be less competition driving up the cost of the home. 

2. Motivated Sellers

Winter_Time_2_(1)Since there are fewer people looking, someone who is trying to sell their house will be more motivated to make a sale work in the winter as they won’t be sure when the next interested buyer will come along. This gives you more opportunities to negotiate not only the sales price but terms of the sale including appliances, closing date, or even seller covered closing costs.

3. Greater opportunities to troubleshoot

Winter_Time_3_(1)It is much easier to dress up a house and hide its flaws in beautiful weather, on the other hand, the cold winter months give you an opportunity to see the house under the worst conditions. It is easier to check for drafty windows and doors as well as seeing if the furnace can truly keep you warm. Winter gives you the opportunity to be critical of the house you will be committing to without having to fight the urge to fall in love with its beautiful facade.

4. More available movers

Winter_Time_4_(1)Less home buyers means less families who need moving. This gives you the pick of the litter when it comes to moving companies in the wintertime! Not only will they be more likely to have your moving date available they may even be willing to negotiate on the pricing. A word to the wise: if you are in an area that gets winter storms, you may want to have a couple moving dates in mind—no one should be moving when the ground is covered in a sheet of ice.

Winter_Time_5_(1)5. Last minute tax savings

Depending on your circumstances, purchasing a home could give you a chance for last minute tax savings in the coming year. But before you make this your prime motivation for buying a home, please check with a tax professional to see how the purchase will affect your taxes.

6. Quicker closings

Winter_Time_6_(1)Real estate agents aren’t the only ones who will have more time to devote to their customers when demand is down, the same is true for mortgage bankers. With fewer customers’ loans to process and follow up on, the team of processors, underwriters, and mortgage bankers will likely be able to move through the loan file quicker. 

What is the moral of the story? Don’t let the winter months keep you from home shopping. These cold days could spell big savings and quick closings for you and your family. If you are interested in seeing how much you can be pre-approved for, click the link and get a quick quote!


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