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Save Our Planet With Your Home

Save Our Planet With Your Home

Save Our Planet With Your Home

eco friendly living hacksBeing green isn’t just for the hippies of yesteryear, soccer moms, and PETA members; there are things that every day people can do that will contribute to the preservation of our environment. An environmentally-responsible home not only saves our planet but also will save you money. Here are some simple decisions that can do both:

When it is time to replace light bulbs use Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and save 66% more in energy costs than using incandescent light bulbs. It will also save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions if you swap out just one of your incandescent bulbs for a CFL bulb.

Open your blinds and 10% of energy spent heating your home will be saved by letting in the sunlight.

You too, can use bamboo! This is the fastest growing plant on Earth so that means that it is replenished quickly and therefore more environmentally friendly than timber.

If you leave 7.6 cm between your fridge and the wall, then you are providing optimal air flow to make your fridge work more efficiently.

I remember this one from being a kid; turn off the water when you brush your teeth. This one is super easy! Just get your tooth brush wet before toothpaste application and then again to rinse.

For all you furry men, use a cup of warm water to rinse your razor rather than keeping the tap running.

Don’t worry, just because you are considering participating in the betterment of our planet, no one will ask you to join a protest for green living… but hey, it just makes sense! There are lots of tough changes like switching from your favorite good smelling cleaner to using your homemade version that smells like vinegar… or buying new appliances that are top rated energy savers… or hanging your clothes outside instead of running the dryer. But the suggestions listed above are not tough, they are all small changes that can make our Earth and wallets happier.


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