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Show Your House Some Love

Show Your House Some Love

Show Your House Some Love

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, many have made special plans to reinforce their love for those around them—or if you are a last-minute planner; don’t worry, the 24-hour drug stores have a good selection of cards and chocolate! But what about your home, doesn’t it deserve a little love? After all they say, that is where your heart is. There are some ways we can show our homes a little love and many of them are like gifts you might give a loved one for Valentine’s Day.

Bring your home flowers.

It’s amazing how a bouquet of fresh flowers or a new plant can brighten up a home, whether it is a simple arrangement or an elegant floral spray. Flowers help to bring life to any space. Be sure to place them in a place that you will see often so you can enjoy their beauty; you will likely smile every time you see them!

Deep clean, it is like a facial for your home.

While you might not enjoy it as much as you would a facial at the spa, you will enjoy the feeling after your home has undergone a deep clean. You can hire a professional to come in and clean your whole place. Or you could have a professional focus on one area, like bringing in carpet cleaning professionals. If you aren’t sure that you want to spend the money on a professional, grab some gloves and get to work trying out some of those cleaning hacks you inevitably have saved on your Pinterest board. If you need some inspiration, click here and check out a few of our favorites!

Buy your home something pretty.

So many people love to receive jewelry because it is something extra, something that isn’t a necessity. Take this same thought when it comes to finding something for your home, take some time to look for a little something special that adds a little “sparkle” to it. Maybe you could find a cool piece of art, a festive throw, or funky nightstand.

Give your home a quick little makeover.

You can reinvigorate your space simply using the items you already have. Take down all your decorative items and rearrange them. You could even move around some of your furniture. You may just feel like you are living in a whole new place!

Throw it a (digital) party.

I feel like I’m always talking about making memories in your home but after all isn’t that what makes a “home” those memories we build up in it? Many aren’t inviting people into their homes but that doesn’t mean we can’t make special memories in our homes. So why not strive make some this month— host a digital game night or group watch your favorite Disney Movies through Disney Plus.  Or throw a party for those in your household; have a fancy dinner party and try out a new recipe, or just simply plan a movie night with snacks and pizza.

Let us guide you home.