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How to Enjoy Winter

How to Enjoy Winter

How to Enjoy Winter

Winter season Blog V1By the end of February is there even a spark of joy left in the winter season? For most, the answer is no. If you are one of those people, think back to how excited you were that first day you could wear your favorite sweater? Or that cozy feeling you had during your first fire of the season? I’d invite you to view these next few weeks as your last opportunities to enjoy winter rather than trudging through them as you await the arrival of spring. There are a few things that you can do at home that may just spark a little joy left in the winter season.

Drink some hot chocolate or your favorite comforting cup of tea; these treats are best enjoyed during colder seasons and with spring quickly approaching you are running out of time. There are a lot of different hot chocolate recipes out there from peppermint to white chocolate to a mocha—why not choose a different hot chocolate recipe to try every week? It will give you something to look forward to as the last few weeks of winter slide by.

If you have an indoor fireplace, make a fire to cozy up to. When you have your AC cranking, you certainly won’t be turning on the fireplace so now is the time to enjoy it. Read a book, drink your hot chocolate or other beverage, or call up an old friend as you sit in front of the fire, soaking in all it’s warmth.

Before the weather change starts to beckon you outdoors, use this time for a movie marathon. Invite some friends over, pop up some popcorn, add a few extra blankets and pillows to your lounging area and settle in for a full day of cinematic entertainment. Need movie ideas? I asked around at our headquarters and these are the recommendations I got:

  • Die Hard
  • Fast and the Furious (pick your favorites because there are so many!)
  • Terminator Movies
  • Rocky Series
  • Star Wars Movies
  • Chick Flicks of the 2000’s

The best way to overcome feelings of “blah” is to help others; by taking our focus off ourselves and doing something to make someone else’s day a bit brighter, you will in turn be uplifted. Maybe try to find an act of kindness you can participate in. You could visit someone who is housebound, bring a meal to a sick friend or neighbor, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or deliver care packages to your friends and family. Of course this is something you could do year round but if you are struggling to keep a positive attitude during the winter months, as many of us do, this might just help do the trick to pull you out of it!

Don’t forget to be social, we tend to get kind of stuck in our own world and in our own homes in the winter, but we can take advantage of this time to have friends and family over. Hosting people in your place is a quick way to making your house feel more like a home. Need some help with last minute hosting? We have your back- click to read more here!

Let us guide you home.