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Why We Moved

Why We Moved

We have moved—and here is why.

Mason Office Moving Blog options v2-02Saturday, we said goodbye to our old office on Tylersville Road that we have occupied since 2017. While our office location has remained the same, so much has changed over these last three years. Not only have we developed wonderful relationships with several Realtors, insurance agents, and other neighboring businesses but we have established a wonderful team of mortgage professionals who are truly making a difference in our community.

We know that you loved coming to see us but our location didn’t make it easy—it’s not lost on us that our office is difficult to pull in and out of during high traffic times, which for Tylersville Rd is pretty much a constant. At our new spot, it is much easier to navigate but not to worry, we aren’t moving too far from Tylersville so we are staying in the neighborhood.

The move isn’t only going to make pulling in and out of our parking lot easier. The new space provides more seating to make meetings more comfortable and even has additional office space, giving us room to grow. We can’t wait to show our new office to you, be on the lookout for more from us on the new space!

You can now find us here:

5155 Financial Way Suite 8., Mason, OH 45040

Let us guide you home.