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Kentucky Homeowners: Relief may be available

Kentucky Homeowners: Relief may be available

KHC, Kentucky Housing Corporation, has reinstated a program to help Kentucky homeowners who have suffered job loss or reduction of income because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are limited funds available and KHC is estimating that they will be able to help approximately 1,500 homeowners with this program entitled the Unemployment Bridge Program.

The maximum assistance available will be $10,000. The homeowner could use this forgivable loan to bring them current on past due payments or pay their mortgage for six months. These payments will be made directly to the loan servicer. Note that a borrower who is in active forbearance will not qualify for this program, as you cannot be in forbearance and receive assistance at the same time.

If you think this program could assist you, please be sure to visit the website linked below. Also, of note, Stockton Mortgage is approved to participate in this program so if your loan is currently serviced with us and you have questions please apply for the assistance through the link below as soon as possible (due to the limited availability of funds) but if you do have questions your loan servicer can answer them best. Your loan servicer is the company to whom you send your payment!

For more information or to link to the application click here:


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