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Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

The concept of home is universal, yet we all describe home differently. Why? A home isn’t defined by it’s structure, it is the people that make it a home. We have spent a lot of time in our homes this year, making them into gyms, offices, and classrooms. But if you are like many families, one thing hasn’t changed; your child is still making masterpieces which they would like proudly displayed. This always creates such an internal struggle, right? Do you really need another construction paper turkey on your refrigerator? But on the other hand, can you toss out something your sweet child made for you? So, where does that leave us?

A few of our families at Stockton Mortgage, share how they are displaying their children’s masterpieces– maybe it will give you an idea that could work in your house. After all, a house can feel more like a home with some of these personal touches.

Create a rotating art display center

Rotating Art

Select large base like Heather, from our closing department, did with the stained piece of wood. Then add hooks to tie twine or ribbon to each end. From there art can be displayed using small clothes pins. This option allows your child’s latest art to be displayed front and center. Plus you have motivation to file away or toss older art projects– making room for new ones.

Let your child create their own gallery


Choose a wall and let your child create their own gallery space. That is what Morgan on our Marketing team did. Her son has a wall in his room that is dedicated to displaying all of his favorite masterpieces. This way the collection grows as he does.

Hang clip boards for easy art change out


Investing in a few inexpensive clipboards makes for an easy way to rotate art pieces. Hang the clipboards in your preferred pattern and let your child choose which artwork they want to display. They can even swap out their projects with little to know adult help, truly making this display theirs. Kim, our marketing coordinator, hung clipboards on the wall as you go up the stairs to the “kids domain” and her little ones delight in being able to create pieces of art to display.

Looking for a more discreet option?


With all the different services available to easily make scrapbooks; you can create a book dedicated to your children’s artwork. This is a great way to preserve their art without taking up a lot of space and provides more of an opportunity to view it than papers stashed away in a box or drawer.

We know that it isn’t the dwelling that makes a house a home, but if you are looking to make a change in yours get started here.

Let us guide you home.