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MSHDA Announces MI 10K DPA Loan Program

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MSHDA Announces MI 10K DPA Loan Program

How does $10,000 towards down payment, closing costs and prepaids/escrows sound? Pretty great, right?

This week the Michigan State Housing Development Authority has announced a brand-new down payment assistance loan program called MI 10K DPA Loan.

This program was created to offer assistance to purchasers within specific geographic areas.

Homebuyers looking to purchase a home within these areas could benefit from support helping them achieve homeownership.

What the MI 10K DPA Loan Program could do for you:
• $10,000 to use towards the required down payment, closing costs and prepaids/escrows; any additional down payment can be used to buy down the first lien.
• Maximum financing is not required.
• Must be combined with a MSHDA MI Home Loan first mortgage (FHA, RD Guaranteed, or Conventional).
• Minimum 1% borrower contribution.
• Cash assets are restricted to $20,000.
• 0% interest and no monthly payments.
• Loan is due when the home is sold, refinanced, the first mortgage is paid in full, homeownership interest is transferred, or the home ceases to be the primary residence.
• Available only in these 236 Michigan zip codes.

Income and credit qualifications also apply.

Want to find out if you qualify for the MI 10K DPA Loan Program?

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