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Reducing Moving Anxiety For Your Pets

Reducing moving anxiety in pets V1 2021

Reducing Moving Anxiety For Your Pets

Moving to a new place to stay is a stressful process because it involves so much unfamiliarity. Not only can moving become overwhelming for you, it can also induce anxiety for your pets. When overwhelmed by moving anxiety, pets will display some behavioral issues. For example, pets may develop a fixation on marking their territory, hide in a corner of the new home and refuse to come out, or break their usual routines. In this article, we will discuss some ways you can reduce moving anxiety for your pets. Read on to find out what they are.

Consistency is Key

Moving into a new environment means that routines for the pets need to be re-established. Keep to a consistent daily routine so that the pets know what to expect and how to react appropriately. If your dog is accustomed to using a pet door, be sure to also install one in the new home. If your cat is used to roaming outside during the day, make accommodations to allow them to go outside safely.

Give Plenty of Treats

If your pets are displaying behavioral issues during the move, do not punish them as it will only exacerbate their anxiety and cause more issues in the long run. Instead, soothe their anxiety by giving them plenty of treats. Keep their attention off of the move and to focus on following your instructions and earning their treats. Using treats is also a great way to re-establish routines in the new home.

Keep Anxiety to the Minimum

Keep the moving anxiety in your pets to the minimum by making them feel at ease. Depending on the preferences of the pets, some of them may feel calm when they are near their owners, while some prefer to be alone in their crates with their favorite toys. If the moving process is very hectic with noisy renovations still going on in some parts of the home, letting the pets stay there may not be the best idea. Consider letting the pets stay at a trusted friend’s home during the move and only fetch them back when the new home is ready.

Keep Your Pets Safe

Some pets are so upset during a move that they hide or run away. Create a space in the new home where the pets can go to feel safe and stay away from the hecticness of unpacking. Put identification tags on the pets with your contact information so that they can be returned to you safely if they do run away.

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