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Manufactured Housing Loans at Stockton Mortgage

Manufactured Housing Loans at Stockton Mortgage

Are you eyeing a cozy manufactured home but feel a bit wary about the financial side of things? Are you wondering if a personal loan is your only option?

We’re here to set the record straight: No, you absolutely do not have to venture down the personal loan path. At Stockton Mortgage, we’ve got you covered with our “system-built” loans specially tailored for manufactured housing.

What’s the Deal with System-Built Loans?

System-built loans are specifically designed for manufactured homes. They’re not personal loans – but instead, they are like a typical mortgage with the same level of security but tailored to the unique needs of manufactured housing.

At Stockton Mortgage, we’re all about making home buying accessible and affordable. Our system-built loans not only help you finance your manufactured home but also the lot where your home will reside. It’s a package deal!

Low Down Payment Options

Here’s where things get even more exciting. We believe everyone should have a shot at their dream home, regardless of their financial situation or the inventory in their market. That’s why we offer low down payment options on our system built/manufactured home loans for those who qualify. This means you can potentially get your new home without having to deplete your savings.

Stockton Mortgage: Your Partner in Home Buying

We know the home-buying process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to financing. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to simplifying the process, offering you all the necessary guidance and support along the way. We’re not just your lender, but your partner in this journey to homeownership.

So if you’re ready to turn your dream of owning a manufactured home into a reality, contact us today. Let’s explore the possibilities together and unlock the doors to your new home!
Credit and income qualifications apply. Loan approval may be subject to property qualification.

Let us guide you home.