James Alexander
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Senior Mortgage Banker


405 North Richmond Rd. Suite D Berea, KY 40403

Office: 859.353.0933

Mobile: 859.582.4751

Fax: 859.626.7600

NMLS#: 54612


James Alexander

James has worked in the Mortgage industry for 8 years and prior to that was in retail credit for 19 years. James’ goal is to help all family’s achieve the goal of home ownership. He enjoys working with first time homebuyers as well as previous owners and investment property interest. James lives in Berea with his wife Dianna and daughter Ashley and has worked in the community for over twenty-seven years.


"I used Stockton Mortgage three years ago when I purchased my home and Mr. Alexander was wonderful helping me secure my loan and since I am an old fashion type of person I usually go back to the same people/company if I have good luck with them. Mr. Alexander is a true professional and very courteous and helpful." Bonnie

"It was a good experience. James actually helped me get a lower rate than I had planned on getting." Robert