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Brian Sistrunk,
Mortgage Banker,
NMLS 546583

New Build Financing with Brian Sistrunk 

*Up to $2,000 Lender Credit at Close on New Build Purchases

When you finance your new ________________ Builders home with Stockton Mortgage, you could get up to .75% of the loan amount as a lender credit to apply to your closing costs.* Reduce your financial burdens and increase your confidence, knowing you're in the hands of a knowledgeable team who has a proven history of closing new home loans quickly!

* We must have an executed partnership agreement with the builder prior to receiving the loan application. The lender credit, up to .75% but not to exceed $2,000, may be applied to origination fees. Other closing costs will still apply, including third-party fees such as appraisal, title, escrow fees, title fees, etc. Other restrictions may apply.