Welcoming Mia Judkins

Stockton Mortgage is proud to announce Mia Judkins has joined our team.

Mia is dedicated to helping those in our community with all their lending needs. She is focused on customer service and building relationships. Mia originated over 30 million dollars in home loans in 2020, and is committed to giving customer’s an impeccable level of service and attention.

Jeff Ratanapool-VP of Strategic Growth and Corporate Development says, “prior to becoming a mortgage banker, Mia worked in the HR department of a plastic distribution company, where she obtained a unique perspective of the business due to the nature of her job. She was able to transition that perspective into her first year in the mortgage business with 30 Million in closed volume. It would be no surprise that we are excited about her future here!”

Mia describes herself as a hard-working, dedicated, mortgage banker with a commitment to  going above and beyond to  for her clients.  Outside of her job Mia enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling to network, and reading a good book!

Visit Mia Judkins here.

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