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DIY Lighting Projects For Artistic Homeowners

DIY lighting projects for artistic homeowners V1 2021

DIY Lighting Projects For Artistic Homeowners

We all know how much the right lighting can affect the outlook of your home. Hence, one of the best ways to transform your home is to get your hands on some DIY lighting projects. Rather than selecting something common, it is great to add a personal touch to your space. Get hold of some old lights and remove the fittings to be fitted into other lights to achieve different lighting effects. Below are some creative DIY lighting tips that everyone needs to try.

Upcycling Jars

There is no cooler way to utilize old mason jars than inserting fairy lights inside them. They can actually make really cool looking light fixtures. You can choose to screw some jars onto a piece of wood before adding lights to build a decorative chandelier. It is also a good way to add a rustic touch to the whole setup. Another great idea is to make use of old, large jars to store battery-powered lights. Line them up in a row along a walkway or around the patio for a dramatic effect. This idea is pretty much safe, simple, and affordable which does not even require electricity.

Upgrading Paper Lampshades

One of the most common lampshade features is its paper material that looks dated. After using, people would mostly dispose of them. They actually look really pretty and can be transformed into something exciting. With the paper still intact, it can be drawn over using a stencil or random patterns before being cut out individually. The designs are suitable to create beautiful shapes for the light to shine through.

Balloon Shades

With some balloons, glue, and malleable paper, you can create something interesting. Start by blowing up the balloons to a suitable size before pasting the pieces of malleable paper on the outside. Once the glue has dried up, pop the balloons to create creative paper shades in the shape of balloons.

Aesthetic Bulbs

LED lighting has become increasingly common in households these days due to its energy-efficiency and warm, soothing shades of light. There is a broad range of bulbs made available on the market today which can be customized according to your personal preferences. Some bulbs contain individual filaments which are designed to look like vintage lights that glow.

Creative Bottles

If you have an extensive collection of glass bottles, you can easily transform them into stunning masterpieces. You just need a few steps to build decorative lights. Wash the bottles thoroughly and remove any visible labels. Once completely cleaned, put a small amount of lantern oil inside the bottles along with some candlewick. They will make really fun outdoor lamp or fun candelabras. You can create a really romantic atmosphere with the quaint glow emitted from the glass bottles.

Writing in Lampshades

One of the newer creative design trends today is to use handwritten quotes to create an artistic ensemble. You can choose to write on the walls, chalkboards or even lampshades to instill a fun vibe into your room and create an inspiring atmosphere.

Regardless of the DIY projects that you choose, find something that is cost-effective and suitable for your personal preferences and tastes.

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