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Summertime Maintenance Tips

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Summertime Maintenance Tips

Summertime means barbeques, vacations and much to our chagrin, home maintenance. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home any time soon, regular maintenance can ensure you have less to do when the time comes to grow into a larger space or if you’re empty nesting. While we have an all-occasions home maintenance checklist, it might be helpful to tackle your home maintenance seasonally, starting with this summer.

Because we retreat to our outdoor spaces during the summer and focus turns to keeping cool, here are a few tips for home maintenance tasks you can tackle this summer:
– Show some love to your plants by watering them a couple of times each week
– Mow your grass (or recruit the neighbor kid to mow your lawn for a pittance) and weed eat where necessary
– Be mindful of pesky weeds in your flower beds and look into a natural weed killer (we suggest white vinegar)
– Clean your ceiling fans and set them to spin counterclockwise
– Fire up your dehumidifier if you have a basement prone to dampness to prevent mildew and mold
– Replace your air filters or consider upgrading to an allergen filter if summer blooms and blossoms aggravate your allergies

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